Architecture BIM Diploma

400.00$ 70.00$

البرامج المستخدمة: Revit 

مدة الكورس 50 ساعة

 عدد مشاربع الكورس 11 مشروع ( داخلى و خارجى و ماس )

 الكورس يبدأ معك من الصفر و حتى الاحتراف

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Course content


Customizing template places
Installing library of Revit and explain it’s content
Revit element & family in Revit
Getting started with interface & Application menu
Option & Properties & manage
Quick access Toolbar & Ribbons & Project browser & properties palette
Creating Level & copy & Array tools & customize floor plans
Creating grid & Filter tools & Pinning element
Architecture & structure column
Drawing tools & Radius walls &Temporary Dim
Align & trim & extend & offset& mirror & extend & split & match
Layer function & & wall join
Compound walls & wall wraps & Modify vertical structure
Sweep & reveals & creating profiled Family
Import AutoCAD & adding doors & windows
Stacked wall & wall profile & embedded wall


Model in place & wall opening
Types of curtain walls & design a curtain wall & editing the material
Curtain wall profile &curved wall panel
Creating floor & split face & paint tools
Creating shaft & sloped floor & modify sub element
Parapolice ceiling & complex ceiling & adding lighting fixture
Adding furniture interior
Interior workshop
Flat sloped & combined & dormer roofed
Stair calculation &rules & editing component &tonalitic and assembled stair
Types of component stair & creating sketch based stair
Stair Nosing & stringer profile & editing Railing structure
Multi story stair & Ramp
Stair with lighting
Revit element – temporary dimension – placing dimension – controlling for
dimension – modify (dimension & dimension graphics & dimension text &
dimension value & using equality constrains)
Spot elevation – spot coordinate – spot slope
Create text – text properties – text tools – creating arrow head – Arabic text
Placing tag – editing tag family – tag all –beam annotation – loading tags
Detail line – region – detail component – repeating detail component – detail
group- symbol
Creating sections – breaking & editing crop view – segmenting & deleting section
Creating callout – editing callout – drafting views- creating elevation – framing
elevation- scope box – show hidden lines- cut profile – filter – view template –
temporary view properties
Sheets in Revit– sheet identification– place holder sheets
Model in place solids & void


Model in place using voids & forums &importing from 2d cad and 3d cad
Classic application using model in place
Interior and exterior work shop
Massing in Revit
Introduction & main forum
Placing mass &use mass family and change it
Floor mass & wall mass & mass roof
Setting up workplans &creating solids & voids & editing vertical &edges and faces
Create pattern for mass mass surface
Create & apply curtain panel pattern based
Creating a structure space truss panel on pattern face
Creating glass panel pattern base
Site modification tools
Creating land scape in Revit
Creating road and material grass
Massing and site workshop
Family editor 2d and 3d
Creating door & window & furniture tags
Modeling furniture & chair & sofa
Using parts to improve model accuracy & floor finishing
Scheduling in Revit
Material & doors & windows & stairs & brick
Sun & environment & location study
Animation in Revit
3D – walk-though plugin from unity
Extracting presentation drawing


Working with material
Rendering and visualization
Material & lighting & camera & Render
Final project
Work sharing in Revit
Tips and Tricks


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